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• Kalamazoo Sportswear & Regalia Vision •

KSR strives to uplift our community by offering exceptionally made, unique custom products at a reasonable price.

We value a positive, friendly, ethical workplace that sources sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

We employ an experienced staff of creative artisans that have exquisite attention to detail.

Each order is thoughtfully made with care and high-quality craftsmanship.

Our online marketplace seeks to join hands with our local schools, groups, non-profits, businesses and neighbors to

provide an avenue for sales, networking, sourcing and ordering their custom branded apparel.

We strive to continue our unrivaled excellence in supplying the Masonic brotherhood with beautifully embroidered

and custom-sewn items, to support and partner in their tradition of fraternity, growth and community service.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue to realize our vision and grow within our community! 


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