We hope you are doing well and are eager to return to Kalamazoo Sportswear and Regalia!

Your health and safety is our main focus as we phase back into our work environment.

In an effort to minimize risk of coronavirus exposure, we have made several changes to our building and will be implementing new procedures, which are outlined below.


Updates to our environment include the following:

• Work stations have been separated to maintain 6’ distancing between employees.

• Plastic sneeze barriers are in place around each machine.

• The building has been cleaned and disinfected as much as possible.

• Carpets have been vacuumed and steam cleaned.

• The break table has been moved upstairs to expand distancing while on breaks and lunch.

• Mini-split air units are being installed to provide climate control and air circulation.

• Air filtration and purification is being added to our current ventilation system.


We will be monitoring the health of all employees by implementing the following procedures:

• Before arriving for your shift each day, you will be asked to complete a HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE. This may be done online or on your phone, and will give you immediate work eligibility for that day. You must be cleared to work through the questionnaire system BEFORE coming to work.

• Temperature checks will be administered every day BEFORE entering the building.

• Face masks or plastic face shields must be worn upon entering the building, and any time you move away from your

work station. You may remove face covering when you are in your individual area.

• At the start and end of each shift, you must clean and disinfect your work station.

• Cloth gloves must be worn whenever using shared equipment, such as sergers and pressers. Cleaning supplies and gloves will be provided. You may wear your own mask or face shield, or we can provide one for you. These must be washed daily.

• We will be allowing a reasonable amount of extra breaks if you feel it is necessary. You may remove your mask outside the building if you would prefer to take breaks on the porch or parking lot area. Social distancing must be maintained while outside the building.



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